Golden Staircase Abseil

Be guided to one of the more spectacular waterfalls (subject to recent rain fall) in the region towering an awesome 50mts above the ground below.

The walk in is relatively easy with only one sharp hill before reaching the Golden Staircase Waterfall. A relaxing cup of tea whilst pondering the drop before you is in order followed by an exhilarating descent into the gorge onto a rocky beach to watch your companions as they conquer there fears as well.

Following the abseil we rock hop along the creek before exiting onto the fire trail for an easy walk out to the cars.

Activity Information:

Cost: $60 per person (Includes morning tea, all first aid equipment, all abseiling equipment and public liability insurance)

Age: 15+

Requirement for group numbers: 4 people, or minimum 4 person tariff.

Start Time: Morning

Duration of Activity: 5hrs+

Meeting Place: the Office

What to bring: 2litres of water, hat, sunscreen, any medication, warm clothes (winter)/raincoat, clothes to swim in, a small day pack and wear comfortable closed-in shoes.

Fitness Requirement: This is a half day expedition which requires a solid fitness level, good balance for rock hopping and the ability to carry a daypack with own personal gear.

This abseil recently appeared on Chanel 7's Creek to Coast: