Ecotourism Accommodation

Boolamoola Homestead - Mt Barney

Boolamoola Homestead - photos courtesy of Ewen Bell

  • We use energy saving light-bulbs in buildings
  • Have a dark sky’s policy at night time
  • Prohibit generators in the campground so wildlife isn’t scared off and our guests can absorb the peace and quiet
  • Have compost bins in all buildings, which we collect and feed to the chooks
  • Buildings are designed to encourage air flow, and therefore don’t require air-conditioning in summer. Slow combustion fireplaces are installed in buildings to minimize fuel demand.
  • Wood is supplied from fallen trees from the property, or from local landholders land with permission.
  • Guests are encouraged to walk, rather than drive around the property, to reduce traffic, disturbance to wildlife, and reduce the impact vehicles have on the environment
  • In all buildings, gas is used to power stoves, ovens and to heat all hot water.
  • Televisions are excluded from all buildings in order to encourage our guests to be immersed in and explore nature.
  • We stock Quilton toilet paper as it is an Australian owned and operated company that recycles post-consumer wastepaper in Brisbane.  Learn more here

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