Contribution To Conservation

Casuarina Seed at Mt Barney

Casuarina Seed – photo courtesy of Ewen Bell

Mt Barney Lodge educates guests on the conservation significance of Mt Barney National Park.It is World Heritage-listed, and is contained within the third most biodiverse region in Australia. By enabling guests to “Share Our Wilderness Heritage”, they develop appreciation and understanding of the value of the unmodified environment. This allows individuals to be active custodians of this great natural resource.

Since Mt Barney Lodge’s foundation 17 years ago, the 30-acre property and creek has been progressively rehabilitated and replanted with native trees and shrubs. The mature native gardens around the buildings are an extension to the planned wildlife corridors found on the property that directly links the guest’s accommodation to the National Park and creek.

The local presence of threatened species such as Glossy Black Cockatoo and Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby is valued.

Mt Barney Lodge has extended onsite remnant habitat for the threatened Glossy Black Cockatoo through forage and nesting tree planting. 150 seedling trees have been planted onsite, and guests are further informed of the conservation significance of protecting and supporting threatened species through the self-guided walk, and while participating in the eco interpretive walks.

Community awareness has been created through 400 seedling forage trees for the Glossy Black Cockatoo and a fact sheet being handed out in a sample bag to the local community.

Mt Barney Lodge is a member and supporter of the Logan and Albert Conservation Association (LACA), which is the local action group for conservation initiatives, and Logan and Albert Rivers Catchment Association (LARC).

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