Gardens and Wildlife

Fauna and Flora at Mt Barney

The gardens at Mt Barney Lodge are an integral part why guests continue to return again and again. Our guest’s most popular comment is “I can’t believe how much wildlife we have seen”.

Mt Barney Lodge, once a bare, old farm, has been transformed in to a prolific native habitat for sugar gliders, possums, bandicoots, wallabies, insects, lizards, bats and a large variety of birds.

We are continuously seeing new fauna species on the property, which can only be a result of the increase in native food plants that have been planted over the past 15 years.

Mt Barney Lodge also has an active worm farm and permaculture garden with a chook tractor. The permaculture garden provides us with a large variety of herbs and seasonal vegetables. Intermingled within the garden, are flowering plants and trees, specifically planted to attract insect eating animals. The worm farm supplies nutrient rich fertiliser to the soil, which allows us to avoid the use of any synthetic fertilisers. The chickens not only provide us with fresh eggs, but also eat any food scraps accumulated from our guests compost bins (located in each building). Chickens also dig and fertilise the soil, for future veggie patches.

Our permaculture garden is open for all guests to wander through, and is also a main feature when educating school groups about easy and simple environmental practices.

Mt Barney Lodge is currently planting more trees around the property to assist in offsetting carbon emissions, and to provide an extended habitat for animals. Animal feeding is highly discouraged, as we want to encourage the wildlife to feed by their natural means. We have planted an extensive amount of native flowering trees, bush food trees and grasses to feed and house the native wildlife.