Bushtucker Tracker

Bushtucker Tracker

Kids will head off-track into nature with our Outdoor Leaders, exploring wildlife paths and corridors. They will be guided to places where they can discover native wildlife through the traces left behind like tracks and scat (kids get excited about poo!!).

They will be encouraged to identify this hidden wildlife from laminated field cards, and from an interpretation of the size, shape and likely function of the foot prints.

Along the way there will also be the opportunity to learn about and taste local bush tucker where it grows wild. They will be (seasonally!) scrunching up aromatic leaves, cracking open nuts, sampling fruit, and chewing on grasses.

Learning through play, as well as a few icebreaker games will ensure the kids will have loads of fun.

This activity isn’t only hands-on, it’s tastebuds-on too!!

Kids only.

Activity Information:

Cost: $20 per person 

Age: 8 to 14 year olds. Due to nature of activity, strict minimum age applies.

Requirement for group numbers: 4 - 8 people (or minimum of 4 person tariff outside of our school holiday program, if less than 4 people).

Start Time: See school holiday program        

Duration of Activity: 1.5hrs

Meeting Place: the Office

What to bring: Hat, wear sun screen and closed in shoes.


Register for Nature Play here , and you will be able to start ticking off completed missions when you have completed this activity! Find out more here.