Wilderness First Aid Course



WildernessFirst Aid (50 hours) 5 days - meets 'Wilderness First Aid Skill Set'

10-14 January 2020 (5-day)


WAFA/WFR recertification (28 hours) 3 days  

15-17 January 2020 (3-day)


Please contact Wilderness First Aid Australia directly for course details.

















These 7 and 3 day residential courses are coordinated by Wilderness First Aid Australia and is conducted annually at Mt Barney Lodge, and is ideal for the Outdoor enthusiast.

The course extensively covers response and treatment relating to wilderness first aid situations within South East Queensland. The diversity of simulated first aid scenarios, allows the participant to absorb the content of the course in a practical way.

Mt Barney Lodge recognises the importance of qualified and experienced outdoor education staff to professionally support outdoor education programs, adventure and childrens activities.

All Mt Barney Lodge adventure staff have a current certificate in Wilderness  First Aid  which is a 5-day / 50-hour course.

Bookings are essential as it is an extremely popular course. Please contact Wilderness First Aid Australia direct to book.