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5 Short Explores @ Mt Barney Lodge

Thursday, January 10, 2019

5 Short Explores @ Mt Barney Lodge 



I don’t think you can stay at Mt Barney Lodge and not spend at least a few minutes getting lost in this view. Make sure you take a camping chair up there with you if you want to soak in the view. I hear the view of Mt Barney goes nicely with a grazing platter and bottle of wine, or two.
Come see us at the Lodge if you are wanting to plan something extra special for your loved one, like a little picnic maybe......

Up the hill behind the office is a gate that will either be closed, if Ruby is in her top paddock, or open, if Ruby is out in her centre stage paddock. Take a walk up the hill and you will hit our first flat where you will see a perfectly positioned masculine table. When you sit at that table you will be staring at Mt Barney and taking in her true beauty.
This table belonged to Steve Turner who passed away on Mt Barney on 15 September 2018. When you sit at Steve’s table take a moment to appreciate Mt Barney like he did.
Imagine carrying a 40kg canvas banner in the morning up Mt Barney before going to work to help protect the Scenic Rim against Coal Seam Gas. That is the type of man Steve Turner was. You will be sitting at the table of an amazing man who had true passion and love for mountains.


She is a girls dream horse. Beautiful long white hair, loves to be scratched and cuddled and also loves a sneaky snack, but not too many or she gets a sore tummy!
Ruby rotates between her two paddocks but always comes out to her centre stage paddock in school holidays as she brings so much joy to all the young boys and girls.
The next time you are at the lodge come say hello to Ruby she loves a good horsing around.


You can find Split Rock waterhole on Mt Barney Lodge’s very own property. Only guests have access to this waterhole which makes it even better! Split Rock is a hidden secret so just come up to the office and we will show you the way…..
Ask our staff at the Lodge to guide you to our onsite Glossy conservation project. You will be able to see firsthand the plants they eat, the evidence of them having visited recently, and with any luck the birds themselves.
The Glossy Black-Cockatoo is the smallest of the five black-cockatoos. It has a brown-black head, neck and underparts, with red or orange-red tail panels and an otherwise dull black body. The crest is small and inconspicuous, and the bill is broad and bulbous. Adult females have extensive yellow patches on the head and neck and the tail panels tend to be more orange-red with black bars, but may become less barred and more red with age.


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