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Composting at Mt Barney Lodge

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Earth is our greatest nurturer and now more than ever we need to be doing our part to conserve the natural world.

As Mt Barney Lodge is passionate about protecting the environment and lowering our carbon footprint, we take all practical steps where we can to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

International Compost Awareness Week runs from May 6-12 and is a week dedicated to spreading the word about the valuable, organic compost resource. As compost can help scrap carbon pollution by avoiding landfill and helping to build healthier soils, Mt Barney Lodge are strongly committed to increasing awareness for this cause.


As an ecotourism centre, we strongly encourage guests to compost onsite. Compost-A-Pak and Mt Barney Lodge are now working together in a new initiative to help reduce waste in our little corner of the country and inspire Australian’s to be more sustainable.


Australian-owned company Compost-A-Pak manufacture biodegradable compost bags and liners, which are made out of corn and are plastic free. Their compostable bags are handed out to all campers and guests on arrival, with instructions on what to compost and how to use them. The bags are made from third-rate corn (not suitable for human consumption), are plastic-free and are Australian-certified compostable.

Plastic bags are one of Australia’s key environmental risks. An estimated 36,700 tonnes of plastic bags are being disposed in the nation’s landfill each year. Creating simple habits, such as using compostable bags, can help address this concerning issue facing the nation.

Mt Barney Lodge will be handing out the compostable bags free-of-charge in hope that guests can start the habit of composting in the campground, as well as when they return home.

We have also taken our mission towards sustainability one step further with the construction of our new compost bay. The addition of the compost bay will help us to lower our carbon footprint and enrich the soil.

As part of International Compost Awareness Week, Mt Barney Lodge is offering a free composting tour.


We invite you to trip out for the day, or stay for the weekend camping or in Boolamoola Homestead to take part in composting tour 9am-10.30 am on Saturday 12th May, 2018 - please RSVP 55443233.


Here we will showcase our 3-bay commercial composting area, and talk about the elements of a successful compost, and how this can also be achieved on a small scale at home. Mt Barney Lodge composts all organic waste onsite including food scraps from the campground, accommodation venues and office (150 person capacity in total), as well as office waste, property weeds, and amenities paper hand towels. We demonstrate that responsible and sustainable tourism is possible, with the added bonus of free compost for the gardens.


For accommodation bookings, or to advise us of your intent to come on the tour, please phone 55443233 or contact the Lodge at 

Mt Barney Lodge in the Scenic Rim Qld, is only 90 minutes drive from Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

Just a simple gesture can reduce the carbon foot print and help increase awareness of waste management practices. Click here to view other products you can use at home or work.

To learn more about International Compost Awareness Week visit their website.

Book your next camping trip with Mt Barney Lodge and see our composting in action.


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