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Monday, July 02, 2018

At Mt Barney Lodge we are always looking for new ways to mix learning, the outdoors and technology together. Recently we’ve discovered an exciting application for Android and iPhone called “PeakFinder”. It allows you to view many different mountain peaks in your surrounding area and allows you to find out additional information about those identified by the app.

PeakFinder knows more than 350 000 peaks - from Mount Everest to Yellowpinch.

The app shows a 360° panoramic view from almost any viewpoint of your choice. A database with a peak directory is rendered into the app, meaning PeakFinder does not need an internet connection and works completely fine offline from anywhere in the mountains.

Earlier this month, world-renowned adventurer and digital journalist Ben Southall came to climb with us at Mount Barney Lodge, where we tested out the application on his phone and discovered what it has to offer. You can even visualize the mountains through the clouds!



PeakFinder has many different functions to test out and to learn from. Use the GPS mode and your current location to see a panoramic mountain drawing or use camera mode to overlay the image from your camera with the panoramic drawing, seen in GPS mode. In this mode you can drag the panoramic drawing to fit exactly in the correct position of the peaks seen by your camera.

Once you’ve done this you can use the shutter button to capture a high-res photo of exactly what you see on your screen and if you don’t quite line up the panoramic drawing properly, you can go back and edit it afterwards in ‘Photos’ – where all your captured images will be sitting. From the photo file, you can export these captured images AND import any image from other sources.

Once you have a mountain in view, and can see its name above it, you can touch on the peak name for additional information including how far away it is from your location, its elevation and its coordinates.

We strongly recommend PeakFinder to any mountain peak enthusiasts or anyone just wanting to know a little bit more about the mountains surrounding them.

To find out more about the app and Ben Southall’s visit to us at the Lodge, check out our previous blog post.



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