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Geminid Meteor Showers

Thursday, October 25, 2018



Wish upon a falling star ….

Meteor showers will be in our skies this December 2018 and Mt Barney Lodge will be the perfect place to visit and stay on the 13 & 14 December 2018 to see the Geminid Meteor Showers.
The Geminids are considered one of the best meteor showers every year because the individual meteors are bright and they come fast and furious.This year there will be more than 1 per minute, reaching 100 meteors per hour.Under light-polluted skies in the city, fewer meteors will be visible.
You will be able to see some activity as early as 9 – 10 pm in the sky. But the best time to view the Geminids is around 2am local time.This is because the quarter-moon will set around midnight and there will be no moonlight to interfere with the Geminids this year. You will have plenty of time on Friday night to arrive and set up a comfy campsite, and choose an open-sky spot to view the “falling stars”. We also have some building options and glamping that you can choose from.
The Geminids, as their name implies appear to emanate from the bright constellation Gemini (the twins).To find Gemini in the southern hemisphere it appears to the lower right of Orion and both will hang in the north western sky.Orion is easy to spot by the three stars in the hunter’s “belt”.
Although the meteors will appear to stream away from Gemini, they can appear all across the sky. For best results you should look slightly away from Gemini so that you can see meteors with longer “tails” as they streak by.Staring directly at Gemini will just show you meteors that don’t travel very far.
Meteor showers don’t require binoculars or telescopes to view – just your bare eyes.Mt Barney Lodge is the perfect “dark sky” location to be stargazing, far away from city and suburban lights, and our wilderness conditions are perfect to view this spectacular night show above the glorious Mt Barney.

The "Christmas Comet" is also expected to make an appearance in 2018 - it is named for the time of year it appears and from the colour of the gas coming off it. It is likened to a giant snowball, and when it goes around the sun it mealts, leaving a steamy green glow . The next time we can expect to see it is in 2023!!









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