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Glamping gets a fashion make-over.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

We all deserve a little pampering; a new shirt, a new dress or even a face-lift! And our Camper Trailers (Glamping) are no exception!

Our Glamping or, “glamorous camping” accommodation option is incredibly popular and is in high demand. Glamping is perfect for those who want the camping experience, but want it all without the fuss!

Due to this popularity, and still wanting to be the glamorous ‘belle-of-the-ball’, Camper Trailer Barney and Camper Trailer Maroon had a ‘do-over’ last month!

As with any discerning fashionista, a lot of planning and research had to be carried out first. So after many days of browsing ‘haute couture’ magazines, ‘high-fashion’ websites and referring to designers who specialise in this field, a complete ‘ensemble’ for both Camper Trailers was designed.

A ‘high-fashion dress’ (canvas tent) was fitted to the trailer, and was adorned with the essential accessories:

  • A coordinating ‘hat’ (tropical roof)- i.e. a second green canvas roof that creates an air pocket that will keep the camper trailer cooler is summer and warmer in winter.
  • Extra wide 'tailored pants’ (doors),  no more broken zips going round the corner.
  • A ‘petticoat’ (a draft skirt) near the stove area to create a more cosy awning area!
  • Sensible but stylish 'shoes'. Terracotta tiles were laid to replace the original flooring.


No out-fit is complete without comfortable ‘underwear’, (new queen mattress and carpet) and were included for good measure and comfort.

This all ensured that the Camper Trailers maiden voyage down the fashion runway didn’t go unnoticed and all without a hitch!

So when are you coming Glamping ?!!

See more about Glamping at Mt Barney Lodge here, where you can also check availability and make your booking!


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