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Thursday, January 10, 2019


Nature Play is what we have intuitively done at Mt Barney Lodge for three decades, and has been in our growing kids adventure programs for the past 15 years.

It is what Tracey and I experienced as we grew up in the leafy suburbs of Brisbane, and this freedom to roam was the attraction in raising our kids up at Mt Barney.

The following is a summary of the presentation I made to the Global Eco Conference 2018 in Townsville.

I wanted to share the highlights with you - check out these arresting pictorials of the changes in roaming that have occurred over the past 4 generations. What freedoms to roam are your children currently experiencing?






What is the effect of all this new screen time?






And the solution is …





Call to action:

1. Plan a visit to Mt Barney Lodge

2. Grab your NaturePlay Passport when you are here, free briefings are 8.45am every Saturday.

3. plan your own adventure missions while you are here

4. join our kids adventure program








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