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Mud World Festival for Kids (Nature Play QLD)

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Here’s a festival set to see your kids as happy as a pig in mud.

Nature Play Queensland is bringing its Mud World Festival for Kids to Ipswich for the first time on the 21st to 22nd of April and is set to see hundreds of energetic kids frolic through muddy puddles to their hearts content.

Rolling around in mud is what children’s dreams are made of, but there is an important and meaningful message behind the fun-filled festival. Scientific research suggests kids actually have an inbuilt need to play in mud, stimulating a range of physical, psychological and emotional benefits.

The friendly soil bacteria (Mycobacterium Vaccae) energizes the immune system resulting in the release of serotonin and endorphin in the brain. Playing in mud also stimulates children’s senses, resulting in high brain activity. Mud is an excellent medium for learning as it improves cognitive function, allows for creative expression and enhances fine motor skills.

Science suggests that regular exposure to mud can actually help to reduce allergy and asthma symptoms. There is increasing evidence to suggest that today’s ‘too clean’ society is actually having the opposite effect on children’s immune system.

Most importantly, mud allows kids to have fun while developing their connection with nature. An early relationship with the outdoor world allows children to develop a strong and empathetic connection with the natural environment.

Mt Barney Lodge is proud to be an official Nature Play activity provider and share their mission to increase the time kids spend in unstructured play outdoors and in nature.

As part of Mt Barney Lodge’s Nature Play focus, we have a range of activities to connect kids to nature. While we don’t have a specific mud activity, our activities such as bush kids, kids night adventure and stealth tracker all involve getting down and dirty!

Check out the next school holiday program for when you can book onto these activities, or organise your own group booking as only a minimum of 4 participants are needed when booked in advance.

The Mud Festival for Kids will take place at Limestone Park, Ipswich this weekend and will offer five realms of mud play, suitable for various age groups- Muddy Monsterland, Village of Mud, Mud Mania, Land Slide and The Great Muddy Mountain Range.

The festival will end with the Muddy Wonderland Dance Party, combining muddy fun with a night time dance off. To find out more about the Nature Play Queensland’s Mud Festival for Kids and other activities, visit the website


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