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Friday, July 24, 2015

‘Nature Play – A Passport to an Amazing Childhood’ program, is designed to encourage kids and their families to visit national parks, and other outdoor places to do 'day-to-day' activities such as climb a tree, visit a beach, camp under the stars or visiting your local park.   

Along the way your children will complete Missions!

When you stay with us, get your FREE passport from the office and then when you get home and register,  your child will be able to 'tick off' missions completed while doing the Bushtucker Tracker. They can also write memories and any activities, stick in pictures, leaves or even drawings of different things they see and do while staying at Mt Barney Lodge. 

(Make sure you see the last three pages of the passport where you can complete missions NOW while staying at Mt Barney Lodge!).

When you get home:

  1. Register online here: register for a Parent/Guardian passport login here.  
  2. Once you have registered, you will create a profile and be able to choose from an exciting list of Missions for each child.  Make sure you choose Camping!
  3. Then you ‘tick off’ all the Missions you have completed while staying at Mt Barney Lodge. 
  4. Go outside and complete other nature play missions you have selected.  Then, completed missions are logged in your passport and  online.

The following Missions you can choose from can be completed at Mt Barney Lodge:

Camping:  Build a fire, Camp cooking, A day of play, climb a Big Rock, watch a  sunrise, go spotlighting in the dark, build a rock cairn – just to name a few!

Extreme: The rock climb (Participate in our Beginners Rock Climb), explore cliff faces and bush walks in and around the Mt Barney National Park.

National Park & Tracks and Trails:   Explore the many bush tracks while doing an activity such as Bushtucker Tracker, Construct a Lantern and Kids Night adventure; and may include Bush tracker,  cooee, Feathered Friends, What’s that poo?, Bush walkin’, Creek bed creepin’, Look out!, and That’s not my food!

Rivers and Lakes: There are many creeks, waterholes and nearby Lakes to complete the following Missions – catch a tadpole, Dam that!, Canoe can do!, Pond dip, Waterhole wandering, and Just a stone’s throw away.

Winter:  Is the perfect time of the year to complete these missions while staying at Mt Barney Lodge - Leaf boat, Breath cloud, singing in the rain, Muddy masterchef and Icy plunge!

There are many other exciting missions to choose from that can be completed at your local park, beach or even in your own backyard!   But don’t forget you have to register with Nature Play first.

By doing the following adventure activities, you will complete even MORE missions:

Bushtucker  Tracker

Kids Night Adventure

Bush Kids

Light your Fire!!

Stealth Tracker

Construct a Lantern

Rock Climbing


PH: 0755443233

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