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Sunday, August 05, 2018

Now more than ever, the importance of Outdoor Education at home, in schools, universities and the workplace is crucial in order for humans to better understand the detrimental effects happening to the environment.

It is well established that Outdoor Education provides individuals with knowledge, skills and experiences that foster self-development and awareness. It plays an instrumental role in the development of positive relationships with self, others and the natural environment. As climate change is becoming an increasingly pressing issue, nurturing a positive relationship with nature is of the upmost importance.

Fostering a healthy relationship with nature needs to begin at a young age. For this reason, Mt Barney Lodge has partnered with Nature Play QLD, an initiative aimed at encouraging kids to be outside and engaging in unstructured play.

Every Saturday morning at 8:45am, guests and their kids are invited to attend the Nature Play brief (held at the office), where kids will get a free Nature Play passport, filled with outdoor missions for them to complete. These tasks get kids engaged with nature and likening having fun to being outside.

Book with us for a weekend stay to get your Nature Play passport and explore the surrounding walking tracks and creeks with your kids. Be sure to also check out our school holiday program for adventure-filled activities!

These outdoor initiatives play an important role in increasing environmental awareness. As an ecotourism centre, we are passionate about protecting the environment and place importance on passing a message of sustainability and eco-minded thinking onto our guests and program participants.

Other programs run at Mt Barney Lodge, such as the Solo Wilderness Camp, also use the place-based learning to foster pro-environmental behaviour. Students participating in the Solo Wilderness Camp are situated in a safe but challenging natural location providing them a time of self-reflection and environmental connectivity. This form of outdoor learning promotes a sustaining, healthy relationship with the Earth and helps to construct understanding of the world that surrounds learners.

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