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Plastic Free July

Friday, June 08, 2018

Plastic is indeed a miracle product for humans. Its convenience, versatility and durability make it the ideal invention to suit our increasingly busy lifestyles.

Plastic it is also our planet’s largest and most inconspicuous killer. Every corner of the Earth is now polluted by it.

If humans continue to refuse to change their reliant relationship on plastic products, the future prospect of a healthy and sustainable planet is unreachable.

It now comes down to one question – Plastic or Planet?

In order to even come close to repairing the environmental damages already caused by plastic pollution, humans must change their use-and-throw-away plastic habits and begin to think consciously about their responsibility to protect and conserve the planet. In light of the unfathomable environmental damage caused by plastic pollution, Mt Barney Lodge is imploring guests to reduce the amount of plastic they bring onsite.

The Lodge is encouraging guests to participate in Plastic Free July – an initiative designed to raise awareness of the problems arising from single-use disposable plastic and to challenge people to change their habits and do something about it. When organising and packing for your stay at Mt Barney Lodge, please consider using alternatives to plastic products.

We have created a ‘reduced plastic’ checklist for guests below, which aims to help guests swap their plastic products for alternative options.

  • Ditch plastic shopping bags and bring food in cardboard boxes or reusable shopping bags. You can also use your glass jars and bottles for purchasing bulk food and for storing leftovers!  
  • Bring plates, bowls, cups and utensils from the home cupboard – please do not bring disposable plates and utensils on site.  
  • Bring a 10 litre water container and stainless steel individual water bottles – you can use the taps in the campgrounds to refill.  
  • Toiletries: Bar soap, a bamboo toothbrush, a pot of DIY sunscreen, a pot of DIY cold cream, a pot of homemade toothpaste and a pot of DIY deodorant are the best alternative to plastic toiletry products. 
  • Consider your food choices: plastic wrapped and packeted food is a handy option, yes, but do the detrimental environment impacts of plastic landfill really justify the convenience of plastic covered food when we have other choices available? Some great foods to take camping are:  
  • an assortment of fruits for snacks, these can be stored in reusable containers or reusable shopping bags. 
  • Eggs – egg cartons are made out of cardboard which is biodegradable, making them a great and thoughtful choice to take camping. 
  • Bring meat in reusable containers from home and store in an esky with ice-packs/coolers  
  • Bread and rolls are always a convenient choice for camping, but store them in paper bags instead of plastic – it also keeps them fresher for longer!

To register for the 2018 Plastic Free July challenge visit their website.

If you are looking for an eco-friendly holiday - look no further than Mt Barney Lodge. Join us for July to contribute to the Plastic Free July initiative. 


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