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Safe Bushwalking Principles

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

The area around Mt Barney Lodge has many bushwalking options catering for all levels of fitness, experience and taste. From the rugged mountain scape of Mt Barney National Park, to the valley floor hike to Cronan Creek Cascades there is something for everyone. However, no matter where you go, be sure to follow safe bushwalking principles. This adds to your successful walk and avoids costly and embarrassing rescues.

Safety Principles

1. Choose an appropriate walk for your fitness and navigational ability

Use a variety of resources to do your research and consult at least one of the following books: Bushpeoples’s Guide to Bushwalking in South-East Queensland, or Take a walk in Queensland’s National Parks.

2. Check the forecast.

If temperature predictions are hotter than 38 degrees or if electrical storms are threatening, we recommend NOT climbing any of the peaks.

3. Have a bushwalking plan and stick to it.

Before you leave on a walk let a responsible person know where you are going, your intended time of return, the number of people in your party, vehicle registration and parking location. Mt Barney Lodge has a safety contact sheet you can fill in if you want us to be your safety contact.

4. Take the right gear.

Take with you all the food, water (minimum of 3 litres) and clothing you will need, not only for the present, but also for the future if you are delayed and it starts getting dark and cold. Remember mountainous regions attract a higher precipitation, so be prepared.

5. Emergency communication.

Each group should take a minimum of two mobile phones. Keep one off, fully charged. This can be turned on and used in emergencies. Use the other mobile phone for photos, texting, social media etc if desired.

In case of emergencies, if unable to make contact using 000, the low frequency emergency number is 112.

5. Don’t walk alone.

Try to always attempt a bushwalk in a party of four, that way there is always going to be someone with you if an emergency occurs. It is then possible for one person to stay with the injured party while the other two can go for help.


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