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Single Use Coffee Cups

Sunday, May 06, 2018


It’s no secret that Australians love their cafe-bought, barista-made, take away coffee. But how much do we think about what we’re doing to our environment when we buy that morning coffee on the way to work?

It is estimated that Australians throw out over 1 billion takeaway coffee cups each year. On average that means that 2,700,000 are thrown out each day and unfortunately these coffee cups are not as recyclable as they seem.

Despite their paper look and feel, the inside of single use coffee cups are actually lined with a thin layer of polyethylene plastic to ensure they are waterproof. This plastic lining, unlike the paper outside, can take hundreds of years to break down having a huge impact on our environment.

One of the biggest problems with being able to recycle single use coffee cups is that there is no set collection system in place, consequently to this approximately 90% of takeaway cups end up in landfill each year. The plastic lining not only does damage to our environment by making it difficult to recycle but also to our health, releasing chemicals that are harmful to our bodies.

So what’s the solution? 100% recyclable, biodegradable or compostable takeaway cups? Some would think so, but these come at a cost.

With a price jump of 2.7 cents per cup from non-recyclable cups to the ‘BioCup’ (a cup made from paper sourced from managed plantations and coated with Ingeo™ – a commercially compostable bioplastic made from plants not oil), small business owners are saying that they simply cannot afford it.

The best alternative to these disposable cups seems to be a reusable cup. Whether that be a mug, a jar or the newest trend in our cafes, a KeepCup.

While still made of plastic, each KeepCup uses the same amount of plastic as approximately 20 single use coffee cups and lids. The KeepCup compared to a single use cup reduces global warming carbon emissions by 36-47%, 64-85% reduction in water use and 91-92% reduction in landfill waste annually*. A KeepCup is a great way to reduce the amount of single use coffee cups in landfill.

Here at Mt Barney Lodge we are doing our part to transform participants of our Guided Expeditions from disposable drinkers into habitual reusers. By providing one of our very own branded reusable coffee cups, we hope to lessen the amount of single use coffee cups in landfill, lessen the production of single use coffee cups to look after our environment as much as we can.

You can buy our newly designed KeepCups for $7 from the office to use while hiking Mt Barney, Mt Maroon or simply while relaxing at your campsite, camper trailer, cabin or homestead. The Branding Business will be placing the Mt Barney Lodge brand on each and every KeepCup sold from the office. 



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