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Tuesday, June 06, 2017


We have launched a brand new adventure activity ready for the September school holidays called...

(drum roll)...

Stealth Tracker!

Indigenous people of all nations developed exceptional hunting skills for their hunter and gather life which included the ability to track down animals and move close to them for their weapons to be effective.

Traditionally, children learnt to recognise the tracks of animals as soon as they were old enough to notice. As soon as children could walk, they learnt to track their mother's and sibling's footprints as well as the hand signs for being quiet or careful. Creeping up on Mum and the other children was the starting point to learn stealthy movement, and the next progression was to be able to move closer to wildlife before it is alerted and takes off!

While the skill of stalking wildlife for the purpose of hunting is no longer appropriate, stealth tracking (or eco stalking) is still a useful skill to get closer to wildlife for the purpose of photography and the observation of native animal behaviour while remaining undetected.

Mt Barney Lodge has developed “Stealth Tracker” as a unique new kids activity as part of it’s Nature Play adventure options. Based on traditional skills, and drawing upon Nathans army experience, kids from 8 y.o. learn the principles of blend/move/concealment and the “7 things that give you away” when stalking. This is a great activity for kids to learn new skills and techniques of how to walk softly through the bush, leaving no trace and making no sound!

Skills are developed through demonstration, games, and then finally with wildlife.

This activity also develops patience, resilience and working with other kids. They need to be prepared to track in open, grassy and creek environments, create their own silhouette modification and to blend into the surrounding environment using natural camouflage techniques.

As Mt Barney Lodge is in a biodiverse region and is a Land For Wildlife property, there will be plenty of opportunity for practice on the visiting wildlife for the duration of your stay with us.

How close can you get to observe a native animal in their natural environment?


Cost: $20 per person (Includes morning/afternoon tea, first aid equipment and public liability insurance.)

Age: 8 to 14 year olds.

Requirement for group numbers: 4 -10 people

Duration of Activity: 1.5hrs

When: See our school holiday adventure activity program

Meeting Place: the Office

What to bring: Hat, wear sun screen and closed in shoes

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