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Watch out for Wildlife on the Roads

Sunday, June 03, 2018

Conservation of Australia’s biological diversity is an essential community and government responsibility to ensure the health and longevity of the natural world. Part of this effort to conserve includes protecting the numerous native species of wildlife.


The Mt Barney area is situated in one of Australia’s 15 National Biodiversity Hotspots (Federal Government Dept of Environment and Energy).


The sub-tropical Border Ranges North and South (Queensland and New South Wales) area supports a huge variety of species including the rare Richmond Bird-wing Butterfly, Fleay’s Frog and the Long-nosed potoroo. Read more about the threatened species in the area here.


This region’s high population growth, along with urban and tourist developments, has resulted in major habitat loss and fragmentation.


Mt Barney Lodge is situated in the heart of this hotspot and plays host to all forms of wildlife, large and small. While native animals are in abundance at the Lodge, wildlife in other parts of the state are suffering from various forms of human activity, including the threat of vehicles and roads.


Ecologist Darryl Jones writes in the Autumn 2018 edition of Wildlife Australia, that he is concerned drivers are largely oblivious to the negative effects roads have on native wildlife. The roads present barriers to animal movement and contribute to habitat fragmentation.


As Mt Barney Lodge shares Darryl’s passion for wildlife conservation, they strongly encourage guests to drive cautiously on their travels to and from the campgrounds. The Lodge is situated in the heart of the bush and all forms of wildlife are out in abundance. Part of Mt Barney Lodge’s mission is to preserve these native animals and drivers must always be aware of the risk of animals on the road.


Here are some simple actions motorists can take to reduce the wildlife toll on roads:

  1. Look out for road signs and roadkill - they indicate wildlife hotspots
  2. Don’t throw food out of your car as it attractions animals to the roadside
  3. Take extra care when driving between dusk and dawn
  4. Never swerve to avoid animals - slow down instead
  5. Roadkill attracts scavengers, if it is safe, move it off the road


Wildlife species are alive and thriving at Mt Barney Lodge and our quiet and peaceful campgrounds are the perfect place to observe the abundance of native species in the area.


To immerse yourself in the natural environment, book our Family Connect Package, which includes a two nights stay in our deluxe camper trailer along with education Bush Kids activities with Outdoor Leaders for the kids.


Our Bushtucker Tracker and Stealth Tracker activities also give kids the opportunity to learn about the bush and it’s many hidden wildlife species.


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