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What to do when going to the loo!

Tuesday, November 06, 2018


On our recent expeditions up Mt Barney, we’ve seen a rise in the amount of loo paper sitting on the grounds surface which is rather unsightly and, not to mention, unhygienic. We’ve come up with a list of tips to teach you how to wee and go #2’s in the bush. This applies to bush camping or climbing mountains, in order to keep the sightings of the beastly bog roll to a minimum. Remember there are other hikers who have come to see mountain views – not the view of your toilet paper.

When you’ve gotta go, you’ve gotta go – but make sure you follow these simple rules:

  • 1.Stay 100m away from rivers, creeks, lakes and campsites Do your business away from watercourses as we don’t want to contaminate water that may be harvested for drinking further downstream AND head downstream/downhill from any campsite. We need to respect and maintain the campsites we use on our expeditions – the people who use it after you don’t want to set up their tents where you went to the loo, nor do they want it flowing across their campsite when it rains.
  • 2.Dig 20cm down: Burying your business is super important! The organisms that will break down your poop are around 15-20cm under the top layer of dirt. It also helps with the smell!

    There are handy little plastic shovels that you can buy called ‘trowels’ or “Ipood” (a pop-out trowel the side of an ipod!) that have measurements on them to let you know when you’ve dug deep enough. You can pick one up at our local camping, adventure and travel store, Far Outdoors. Otherwise, an adult hand from wrist to tip of middle finger is just under 20cm.
  • 3.Don’t bury your sanitary items: Ladies, please carry your pads and tampons out with you – a double zip lock bag should do the trick.

  • 4.Bury your T.P: Be sure to bury it in the 20cm hole you have dug! Some people choose to carry it out – again, a double zip lock bags works great. We recommend that ladies pack their after-wee toilet paper into a Ziploc bag for disposal once you are at home. A quick shake saves men from the need to pack a Ziploc. Please don’t bury baby wipes or ‘flushable’ wipes as they won’t break down like toilet paper does.

  • 5.Hygiene: Carry a small tube of hand sanitiser to use afterwards and ALWAYS before eating.

  • 6.Carry it in: carry it out principles: For true non-impact hiking, you can purchase or make a poop tube - Hard core!! But very eco.


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