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Monday, December 31, 2018

At Mt Barney Lodge we are very fortunate to have Wilderness First Aid Australia on board offering Wilderness First Aid courses for remote professionals, wilderness leaders and those persons who like to venture into remote places of interest and challenging environments.
You may ask how Wilderness First Aid differs from normal first aid. It does differ significantly from standard first aid courses and other training as it is targeted towards treating accidents that may occur in remote places such as mountains in our Scenic Rim Region like Mt Barney, Mt Maroon and numerous other places in our beautiful, scenic south east Queensland. Wilderness First Aid is not oriented towards urban environment situations.

The images following are examples of mediacal senarios that have occurred at Mt Barney Lodge over the years. Participants are directed to apply props and stage make up to make the presentation of medical conditions as real as possible, and they are given a "script" to stick to so that assessment and intervention provides a realistic training environment. 

Wilderness First Aid Australia ('WFAA') formed in 2010 to fill a vast need for high quality remote area first aid training in Australia. All WFAA trainers are experienced in all facets of remote area environments and have been trained specifically in the areas of remote area patient care. WFAA has sourced instructors from a variety of vocational fields ranging from nursing, paramedics, ski patrolling, Wilderness Emergency Medical Technicians and professional outdoor educators.
WFAA conducts a 5 and 3 day residential course annually at Mt Barney Lodge. The Wilderness First Aid course is (50 hours) a 5-day residential course. The course itself is to be booked through WFAA and accommodation is booked privately through Mt Barney Lodge by phoning 5544 3233, email for camping or shared-cost accommodation (e.g. shared hut is $35pp/night). We can also be contacted to arrange private accommodation or you can book online here.

Meals are self-catered and there is cooking facilities in both huts and homesteads.
The 5-day Wilderness First Aid Course extensively covers response and treatment relating to wilderness first aid situations within South East Queensland. The course is designed to provide you with the tools to make critical first aid and evacuation decisions in remote locations. Half of your time will be spent completing practical skills, case studies and scenarios designed to challenge your decision-making abilities. CPR is included in the course. Instructors from WFAA will show many simulated first aid scenarios which will allow the participant to absorb the content of the course in a practical way.

One of our qualified leaders, Nathan, has expressed that the course was very beneficial to him. He found the course to be very interactive and found the instructors showed realistic life scenarios to students. In the course of Nathan’s work duties, he has experienced many situations where he has found his learning in Wilderness First Aid has come to his rescue in treating people who have climbed Mt Barney and surrounding mountains.
All Outdoor Leaders at Mt Barney Lodge are qualified with current Wilderness First Aid certificates.
The 3-day course which is also held at Mt Barney Lodge is for people who have completed the Wilderness First Aid course before and would like to refresh their first aid skills again. This is a requirement every three years for certification competency.
Any person who is thinking of exploring or likes the great outdoors and is likely to find themselves 1 hour from medical help should consider this first aid course, it just may come in handy sometime in your future hiking experiences.

The next course that Wilderness First Aid Australia is conducting at Mt Barney Lodge will be from 11th to 15th January 2019.

Please contact WFAA for more information or to book by either by phoning (03) 90057172 or 0429182222, email or their website

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